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James Marsden of Gregg’s Pit Cider & Perry

The Cider Voice Calls Podcast exists to create a simple, digital archive of producer profiles from the best cidermakers that we can reach. Season 1 was recorded in July & August 2020, and we explore the origins and philosophy of each producer, as well as their reflections on the 2019 vintage and the impact of COVID-19 on their business.

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Smith Hayne Special Reserve 2018

ft. Albert, Ben, Adam & James

Instead of an interview, in episode, Albert hosts a discussion with , Ben Thompson of Cider Voice and Adam Wells and James Finch from Cider Review.

Together they’re tasting Smith Hayne’s Special Reserve 2018 Cider. It leads us into a discussion about apple varieties, blending, keeving, the use of sulphites, transparency in labelling, and more.

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Photography from Rebecca Fletcher