The Cider Voice Podcast began in 2020 as a series of interviews with some of the UK’s leading cidermakers, exploring their origins, philosophies and differences and capturing the challenges they were facing from the impact of COVID-19.

During the podcast’s two-year hiatus, aspirational cider and perry has emerged from lockdown in a shape that would have been unimaginable just five or six years ago. All around the world, in pubs, bars, bottleshops, restaurants and peoples’ homes, cider and perry is being consumed and talked about in new ways, by new drinkers and reaching fresh new heights.

Feeling that this inspiring movement deserved the support of its own podcast, we restarted Cider Voice with a fresh format and brief. Now hosted by original founder and fourth generation cidermaker Albert Johnson, along with cider and perry writer, presenter and author Adam Wells and actor, director, harvest-hand and serial enthusiast Justin Wells, we aim through conversations, fun, and more than a few technical hitches, to give voice to the worldwide cider revolution.

Cider Culture Captured

Photography from Rebecca Fletcher